About Us


My name is Robin I am 48 years young and the founder of Your Glitter Shop.

I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio and now reside in South Florida I have been calling Florida home now for about 21 years.  I have a fur baby he is a Chihuahua and his name is Bobby. He is as cute as a button. 

 I am pretty new to the e-commerce world but I am giving it all I got! I believe you can make any dream come true no matter how old you are. I am also a crafter, whether its making Tumblers, designing a welcome sign or door mat or creating a new T shirt on my cricut that has been my biggest passion. I love crafting!! My favorite color when asked is glitter! Any color as long as it is glittered! Im sure a lot of you can relate to me. Everything just looks better glittered! Im addicted! :)

I am always on the hunt for good quality glitter rich in color with lots of shine! Heres a fun fact if you didn't know...the chunkier the glitter the more it shines! Makes sense right? Well I believe my search has come to an end..I found it and I want to bring it to you too! I have partnered up with a company with 75 years experience and yep they are right here in the good ole USA!

I am beyond excited to be starting this journey. Yes, I am bound to make a few mistakes and hit some bumps in the road along the way, but my mission is to build Glitter Addiction into an amazing store adding lots of new things as we grow... Im thinking give-a-ways, newsletters, BIG sales, photo contests, BOGO's, etc.. Soooo here we go! 

One last thing before I close this section...I want you to know that I will do my very best to provide you with an outstanding customer service experience! 


Thank you for stopping by and Welcome to Your Glitter Shop!